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Whitehead Field Training Program Online Software - Email Rick Whitehead at or go to a

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Software Includes:

a. Hierarchy access levels (FTC/FTS/FTO/OIT)

b. FTO & OIT (Officer in Training) assignments

c. Daily, Weekly, End of Phase Documentation

d. Weekly Conference Record

e. Electronic Signatures

f. Tracks OIT

1. All Activity

2. # of Reports

3. # of Citations

4. # of Arrests

5. Driving Time

g. Charts ALL aspects of OIT performance

1. With a “click”; Managers can monitor OIT’s activity and response to training and, if necessary, make timely assignment adjustments to ensure the OIT receives a well-rounded training experience.

h. Field Training Manual check-off

i. OIT Critique of program Agencies currently using our program and paperwork will find the on-line transition seamless, as we’ve gone to great lengths to mirror the manual process to the on-line process.

Cost is based on # of sworn personnel. Email Rick Whitehead at or go to and tell him Texas Police Trainers referred you.

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