SwagLyte Drawing

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All Texas Police Trainers Subscribers: 

Enter the FREE drawing to win a SwagLyte.

The winner will be able to customize and personalize their SwagLyte . Complete the registration form below.  The drawing will be on May 1, 2019 and posted on all three of our social media blogs (LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter).  Winner will be notified immediately following the drawing.

A SwagLyte is an acrylic design that lights up. It can be customized and personalized to your liking.   The SwagLyte makes a great appreciation, birthday,  employee of the year, retirement, or any occasion gift.  Its perfect for your desk, an office shelf, or for use as a night light.  It is a great conversation piece, especially when its customized.

The SwagLyte is perfect for a law enforcement academy that awards plaques to their cadets/recruits in place of the old traditional plaques for awards such as; Top Shooter, Class Leader, Academics, Leadership, etc.

Texas Police Trainers will be displaying the SwagLyte at all the conference we will be attending, please stop by our table to to see it in person, it is absolutely stunning.  You can also click here to view more examples for personal customization