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We are a one-stop-shop resource for all your law enforcement training and networking needs. We offer resources to law enforcement training, scholarships for dependent children, information on law enforcement associations, employment opportunity, plus a whole lot more.....

Texas Law Enforcement Only (Must have a PID#)

To subscribe to this website you must be affiliated with the State of Texas Law Enforcement as a Peace Officer, Jailer, Telecommunication Officer, Instructor, a civilian with a PID#, Texas Licensed Security Officers, Animal Control Officers, Code Enforcement or Federal/Military LE. FREE 5-Day Trial Offer!

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How to SUBSCRIBE.....

To create a membership, select the MEMBERSHIP tab on our menu bar. You must have a Texas personal identification number issued by the state regulatory agency or credentials from your agency to subscribe to our website. FREE 5-Day Trial Offer!

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How to LOG IN.....

To log in, select the MEMBERS LOG IN menu, enter username and password. If you don't have a username and password, select MEMBERSHIP on the menu. FREE 5-Day Trial Offer!

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