As a subscriber or member to our website you will open the door to exclusion member-only resources.  You will enjoy the benefits of being able to connect with resources across the state on one platform, as well as communicate with our staff directly to assist you with all your law enforcement training needs. We offer a FREE 5 Day Trial Offer so that you have the opportunity to look behind the scene and take an advantage of our member-only resources so you can make an informed decisions. 

Membership in a relevant professional organization like Texas Police Trainers helps you stay abreast of current issues and training opportunities to assist in your professional development to advance your law enforcement career.  Membership Benefits include:

Awards Nominations

We offer a listing of associations and organizations that support law enforcement. Texas Law Enforcement personnel are so important to us so we wanted to connect them to organizations that support them also.  We see news headlines everyday in which law enforcement officers are killed in the line of duty, where they seize large amounts of drugs off our streets, they capture violent criminals, they protect our communities, they serve as role models to our children volunteering in our schools and as youth coaches, and they work countless hours offering up true selfless services to keep the citizens safe all while sacrificing time with their own families. For those reasons and many more this complied list of organizations recognize those same qualities and sacrifices, and they want to recognize you. 

Classroom Training

Through our partnerships with contracted training providers and departments, we offer classroom training.  As part of our classroom training platform, we also offer FREE seats in all of our training events to our members.

Death & Survivor Benefits

Connect to resources for law enforcement individuals killed or injured in the line of duty that support family members through the difficult times.

Education & Training

Access to our updated Statewide Consolidated Training Calendars, as well as over 35 online training provider platforms.  The statewide consolidated calendar allows you to locate training across the state to include FREE training, and connect directly to the training event.  Also our members have priority access in our training, and we give away one FREE seat in all of our training to a member.

Hotel Discount Perks

We offer discounted hotel rates through our Corporate Discount which is better than the state rate.  We also lock in even better rates with specific hotels in the areas we conduct training and that rate is lower than our Corporate rate.  To our members who are attending our training and pay for hotel out of pocket, we offer a free night stay because we know how expensive attending training can be when paying out of pocket.

Instructor Portal

Our website allows contracted training provider and instructors holding the state regulatory agency's Instructor Proficiency Certification the ability to access shared instructor resources.    Also training coordinators and agency administrators can locate qualified instructors across the State of Texas within the various regions.  By locating a certified instructor in or near your region, helps in managing and maximizing an agency's training dollars.

Law Enforcement Associations (Texas, National & International)

We offer a  consolidated listing of many of the law enforcement associations in Texas, and their national and international associations that you may or may not be familiar with.  There are so many benefits associated with being a member of a law enforcement association including; legal representation, discount on education and training events, dependent and members scholarships, law enforcement award opportunities, networking, career enhancement, employment opportunities, discounts on product and members services including medical, life, automotive and homeowners insurances, and a plethora of other association benefit services. 

Law Enforcement Grants

We offer a consolidated listing of many of the law enforcement Grants.  Grants are an excellent way for a law enforcement agency to receive funding beyond the limits of your operational budget. Grants help fill in the void that the limitation of funds create.  Grants help pay for equipment, vehicles, training, and funding for personnel. 

Law Enforcement Vendors

We offer a consolidated list of Texas law enforcement vendors that support our Texas agencies in providing them with the latest in uniform, equipment, technology and support.  Many of the vendors have become a mainstream retailer of police uniforms, equipment and support to our law enforcement community.

Scholarship Listing (Dependents)

We offer a a listing consolidated in one location of  law enforcement scholarships for law enforcement dependent children, spouses and commissioned personnel.  Scholarships assist our dependent children and spouses of commissioned law enforcement personnel toward the cost of attending eligible public or private post-secondary schools.  

Social Media BLOGs

We offer a private Texas Police Trainers Training Network Facebook page, as well as a a public LinkedIn and Twitter page where our subscribers can network, comment and discuss a variety of law enforcement topics as well as ask questions and share information.   The emergence and growth of social media to communicate, express, and share information and viewpoints is a growing trend, we wanted to make sure we offered a space to connect directly and quickly to our members and followers.

Template and Tidbits

We share templates and tidbits to assist our members.  The templates help as a guide or so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Templates can also ease your workload and remove the stressed, and at the same time, they increase efficiency to produce a product quickly. 

Texas Police Trainers Products

We randomly award FREE membership and products to our members to say Thank You for your support.