Welcome to Texas Police Trainers!  Effective January 1, 2018, Texas Police Trainers launched as a paid subscriber website.  Over the past 10 years, our website and resources have been FREE to Texas law enforcement individuals, however our number of subscribers has risen which means the needs and requirements from our subscribers has increased as well, so in order to provide the quality service and resources to our subscribers, we had to implement some new measures.  The annual subscription fee of $36.00 will allow Texas Police Trainers to offer more services, staff  individuals to assist you as quickly as possible, along with the ability to offer scholarships to dependent law enforcement children, make an annual donation to the Texas Peace Officer Memorial, and support law enforcement programs around the state.

All new law enforcement subscribers (Peace Officers, Jailers, Telecommunication Officers, Civilians with a PID #, Anmial Control Officers, Texas Licensed Private Security Officers & Military Law Enforcement Officers) will receive a FREE 10-day trial offer.  After the FREE trial offer the subscription will expire if not paid before the expiration date.  We have also created an LE Association/Organization subscription, which will allow Texas law enforcement associations and organizations the same access as an individual user with the exception of access to the Instructor Portal.  The Instructor Portal option is only under the individual subscriber level for individuals that hold an Instructor Proficiency Certification.

Please click on the tab below that best describes your status and subscribe to our website.  Thank you all so very much for your continued support of Texas Police Trainers!

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